Welcome to IMEK Hellas S.A.

IMEK Hellas S.A. was created by the parent company IMEC GmbH Germany which is among the leading companies in the hospital and medical equipment planning field, bearing the valuable heritage of experience & know-how.

Our aim in IMEK is:

  • To create a respectable, safe and healthy environment for the patient.
  • A functional and pleasant workplace for the medical staff.
  • To introduce quality in every step of the process,
  • To follow the international standards and regulations.

IMEK Hellas S.A. combines its knowledge of the European and International Medical Equipment market together with its basic aims, to bring fully comprehensive and integrated services to clients from both the public and the private sector.

Field of activities

  • General and Specialized Hospitals
  • Regional Healthcare Centers
  • Private Diagnostic Centers / Laboratories
  • Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy Centres
  • Upgrading existing facilities

Although any kind of Hospital projects is within our interests IMEK Hellas S.A. business is mainly concentrated on the following areas of Medical Equipment Services where we enjoy significant competitive advantages:

  • Full Turnkey Projects (Public and Private)
  • Major Extensions, Refurbishment of existing Healthcare Facilities
  • Consultancy Services (Major new Developments and similar Redevelopment Schemes)
  • Participation in Joint Venture projects (IMEK participates in joint ventures with well qualified partners world-wide)